Podcast Update

November 24, 2011

We Have Change The Link To Get Our Podcast and it will be  up in iTunes Soon As Its Approve From Apple

So to get new shows goto http://podcast.technewscanada.ca

TNC3- American Censorship Day

November 16, 2011

this week we talk about a new internet there trying to pass in the unit state. plus other tech news from the week.

Tech News Canada- 2 Were Still Working Out The Bugs

November 6, 2011

today we talk about the new stuff we have for you as well as the New Google Looks Of Gmail And Google Reader

Tech News Canada- 1 Update

November 1, 2011

this week were just going to give you some quick update on what going on with the new website

E-mail For Help Podcast 01- iPhone 4S On Hold

October 5, 2011

This Is Our Ever First Podcast

Host By Richard Thomson

Today on the were talk about new iPhone 4S and Netflix as well as more stuff in tech but if you have comment on anything we talk about send an e-mail To Podcast@thomsonville.co.cc also if you like to be guest on the show e-mail me there too and if you have feedback

There Was Breaking Tech News After We Finsh Recording The Podcast This Week Steve Job Has Died And He Will Be Greatly Miss By All